TriEase for Allergies – 3 in 1 Convenient Capsule

New doTERRA TriEase softgels contain equal amounts of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint to combat seasonal allergies.

Spring is in the Air! Make sure you have TriEase Softgels!                                     TriEase Softgels are doTERRA’s new product. They were developed to protect against seasonal and environmental elements and to promote a healthy respiratory system when needed most. Spring is in the Air VIDEO….HERE TriEase is a softgel containing equal parts of Lemon, … Read some more…

33 Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil


  Home Use 1. Calm an upset stomach.  Just one drop of peppermint oil rubbed on the stomach or taken internally can calm indigestion, an upset stomach or other internal digestive commotion. A must-have when traveling! 2. Restore Vitality in the Mouth. When your breath is sharp and your mouth feels furry, peppermint oil with water (and lemon oil) creates a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse that leaves a lasting crisp, clean feeling. 3. It’s About … Read some more…

That Menu is a Germ Trap!

Mix up some doTERRA hand sanitizer for your purse and use it at the restaurant.

Going to a Restaurant? That MENU is a GERM TRAP!! Did you know the menu and the seats at a restaurant are the dirtiest things there? EWWWW. That is so gross.  I’m sorry, but I cringe when I go in  a public restaurant and watch all the women who walk out without washing their hands. How in the world did they get to that point?? Who doesn’t teach their children … Read some more…

Peaceful Child Essential Oil Blend

Peaceful Child

6 Powerful Essential Oils Will Bring a Peaceful Child into Your Home This combination of Essential Oils was originally blended for children with a wide range of disorders including ADHD, impulsive and defiance disorders, depression & anger management issues, insomnia, Autism or Aspberger’s. Not a cure, it is an aid in balancing out the entire nervous system while nourishing the brain. It has been noticed that with regular use it may … Read some more…

Would you like a free sample?

Are you new to Essential Oils? Never tried doTERRA?


If you are a new to essential oils or have never tried doTERRA, please email me and I will send you a couple free samples.  I will be having an “Introduction to Essential Oils” online webinar the end of the month and I hope you will be willing to sign in and learn more about them, after trying them!

Email me at: EssentialWellnessAdvocate [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Would you like a free sample?

Let me know what you need help with! Essential Oils are God’s Medicine Cabinet! They do not treat, prevent or cure you. They support your body and strengthen your immune system. It is your BODY that can heal itself – the way God created it to do!

God bless you!

Grace Ann

[This offer is for non-oil users or those who would like to try doTERRA Essential Oils. If you already use a brand of essential oils that you are satisfied with, then God bless you!)

Are You Willing to Consider the Truth?

God reveals Truth

    God Strips Away All Lies   Sometimes we don’t even realize we are living in a make-believe world of our own invention. Some people call that “looking at the world through rose-colored glasses”.     Of course I knew that saying. Of course I knew what it meant. All of a sudden, I knew it was ME. When this idea dawned on me, my eyes were opened and … Read some more…

46 Ways to Use Melaleuca Essential Oil

ways to use Melaleuca

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) oil is an anti-fungal.   Melaleuca is one of the most common oils in the world and is commonly known to be First Aid for the Skin!         Here are some of the things Melaleuca Essential Oil can do for you: Sunburn Lice Athlete’s foot Acne Warts Ringworm Skin: Psoraisis/Eczema/Dermatitis/Rashes/Skin Tags Bad breath Ear infections Flea repellent Laundry refresher Gum disease Avoiding infections Anti-bacterial home cleaning (15-20 drops … Read some more…