Dilution – Learning How to use Essential Oils Topically


There are 3 ways to use Essential Oils…


INTERNALLY (doTERRA only – the purity is guaranteed, unlike other essential oil companies)

TOPICALLY – and today we will talk about topical use with DILUTION.




So what is it? It is a very common term used when talking about applying essential oils TOPICALLY.

DILUTION means we add the essential oils to a “carrier oil” and then rub it, roll it or spray it onto our skin.

There are LOTS of types of carrier oils. I mostly use fractionated coconut oil. It has a light emollient effect and is excellent for your skin. Unlike other vegetable-based oils, it it is not greasy and I know it will not interfere with the valuable properties of the essential oil it is carrying. doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil is also very stable and won’t go rancid after a few uses.

When used properly, carrier oils have been shown to improve essential oil topical application through several different pathways. Evaporation is the primary issue in topical application, as body heat and the skin present a formidable barrier. We need to keep our essential oils from evaporating before they can be absorbed by our skin.

One of the most important benefits of dilution is that it slows the flashing off ofthe volatile aromatic compounds, largely through one of the fundamental laws of fluid dynamics: decreasing the surface area of a substance exposed to air reduces the rate of evaporation.
When diluted, the chemical parts of essential oils have been shown to pass through the top part of your skin – your epidermis – more efficiently than when applied “NEAT” (straight out of the bottle).

Another study showed that dilution may speed up the process of getting the oils into your body. They tested and found that varying levels of specific constituents in essential oils were detected in exhaled air in as quickly as 20 minutes after use when using a carrier while applying the essentials oils NEAT – straight out of the bottle – showed no detection for up to two hours.”

More about dilution and essential oil topical application HERE.






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