Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are safe for the entire family!

“You will find warnings everywhere about which oils you should and should not use during pregnancy. These previously were very valid concerns because of the impurities that were so prevalent in the oils available and the threat that they posed to a developing fetus. But now that we enjoy the purity of oils…… it is no longer an issue” … Dr Hill

Essential oils for pregnancy birth and babies

I highly recommend Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies by Stephanie Fritz.

“You may see mixed information out there in different books about oils safe to use in pregnancy.  Please understand these books were written with all oil users in mind.  They will be ultra conservative because their readers may not necessarily be d..o..T users.
The information I share both here and in my book comes from personal experience in my midwifery practice as well as MANY conversations with essential oil experts in d..o..T.
I always say to follow your own intuition. You are the one who was given stewardship over your body, and everyBODY is different, so do what you feel comfortable with. ~Stephanie Fritz~

Essential Oils for Morning Sickness

  • Peppermint
  • DigestZen
  • Lemon
  • Coriander
  • Ginger
  • Frankincense – a drop or two on the bottom of your neck
  • Wild Orange

These oils all could be taken the following ways…doTERRA Diffuser

  • Dilute as recommended and apply 1-3 drops directly on stomach, on ears, down jaw bone or on reflex points on the feet.
  • Internally, 1-3 drops in an empty capsule.
  • Diffuse or put on a clay or stone necklace so you breathe it all day.  You also may like to put a drop on your wrist and rub your wrists together then smell your wrists often throughout the day.
  • Put three drops of Grapefruit or Peppermint essential oil into a diffuser by your bed.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy

Frankincense – diffuse for calming. Apply neat to any skin issue including prevention of infection on developing belly button.

Myrrh – Drop a few drops onto belly button site to help with drying & encourage faster and healthier breaking away of umbilical cord.

Deep Blue Rub – neat to belly to ease afterbirth pains.

White Fir & Lavender – Use Deep Blue Rub first to ease afterbirth pains, and after a few hours switch to this combo.

Eucalyptus – a drop on baby’s feet to clear up congestion in lungs.

AromaTouch Blend – sooth sore neck & back muscles

Balance Blend – soothing to even the most sensitive spots (like hemorrhoids)

Lemon & Geranium and/or Zendocrine – on baby’s feet to help the liver get going and avoid jaundice

Peppermint – tummy aches, nausea (dilute and use with caution)

OnGuard Blend – diffuse with visiting family members to keep home purified and clean.

DigestZen Blend – to keep things regular and ease any stomach cramps

Sandalwood & Fractionated Coconut Oil (with occasional Helichrysum) – to ease into breastfeeding

Citrus Bliss & Lavender & Fractionated Cocount Oil – to promote healing and keep breastfeeding joyful.

Clary Calm Blend – apply to back of neck to help hormones adjust and get into balance.

Rose – behind ears to prepare for birth

Neat = rub on with no dilution necessary




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