Safe & Natural Sunscreen

Do you Burn or Tan?

I can remember as a child going to the lake with my mom & dad. My mom, who had olive skin,  would be out in the sun and after 2 days would as tan as if she had spent all summer in the sun. My dad would sit at a picnic table under a tree. One hour in the sun and he would have nothing but a blistered sunburn! I am somewhere in-between, but I rarely get out in the sun enough to get tan anymore. (I just don’t like to get sweaty for no reason! Mowing or gardening ok, but not just to sit and sweat!)

When my daughter was a toddler,  I quickly realized that she had very fair skin like her grandpa. I put a long sleeved white turtleneck on under her swimsuit and she always wore a little bonnet. She just could not be exposed to the sun at all. Actually no one should allow themselves to be burned and fried to a crisp in the sun. What is the purpose of it anyway? That’s a health risk in the name of vanity.


This Recipe is Adult & Child Tested

My daughter is a mom herself now and has a great recipe for a homemade sunscreen that she has tested in Jamaica & the Dominican Republic! All that sun and she never burned! Her little daughter has spent 3 summers in the sun with no sunburn either. A bonus is, this recipe is waterproof! And if you want even more SPF protection, just add more zinc oxide. If it’s a little too *obviously clown white* for you, tint it with cocoa powder to tone it down.


Ditch the Toxins

Because I can’t help myself….Are you aware how much bad stuff is in commercial sunscreens? The chemical soup that makes up what you are rubbing on your children and yourself includes hormone disrupters and spray stuff that is connected to the growth of tumors. Did you know that products listed with enormously high SPF factors have not been proven to have any extra benefit? So you are being mislead and sold toxins .

The solution? MAKE YOUR OWN!

If you like things quick and easy, here’s a super simple recipe you can mix up on the fly. Do you need some unscented all-natural lotion? You can order some HERE. Get some Lavender and Helichrysum if you need it. Don’t buy essential oils on Ama.zon or at the big box store. You will probably NOT be getting what you pay for (they are adulterated).


How have essential oils changed my life? In 4 1/2 years, I have gone a long way towards eliminating toxins from my life. I have a daily regimen that is strengthening my immune system and my organs. I think of it like money in the health bank of my physical body!


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